Should You Do A PhD? The Ultimate Guide Ebook Edition


Should you get a PhD?

That’s the important question.

Is it worth spending the next 4, 5, or even 6 years of your life working towards a PhD?

To answer that question you need to know what’s in this book.

It covers:

  • What a PhD is
  • What the benefits of having a PhD are
  • What the downsides of having a PhD are (Yes, there are some that no one ever tells you about)
  • What are the enjoyable parts of doing a PhD
  • What are the potential problems that can arise during your PhD
  • What life’s like with a PhD

All of this information is crucial in helping you make the right decision.

Perhaps the benefits of having a PhD are enough to make you want to do one…but what if the 4-6 years you have to put in to get it aren’t what you thought they were going to be?

This book tells you exactly what to expect so you can make a good decision!

Buy it now and start the rest of your life on the right foot!



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Dr. John Hockey has 20 years of experience with PhDs. He designs PhD programs around the world.

After finishing his PhD, he worked at internationally acclaimed Universities in 11 Countries (Several in the U.S.).

He successfully supervises:


Students from all different countries

Students from all different backgrounds

To fast completion! His knowledge of the academic system is world renowned.