Do You Want Your PhD Now? The PhD Student’s Stratagem Ebook Edition


85% Of PhD Students Fail

It’s a harsh stat, but a truth nonetheless.

The next time you’re around 5 of your PhD friends, know that only one of you is going to make it.

What can you do to make sure that you pass?

First you need to understand that supervisors are the reason for this horrendous stat.

Most of those “failures” are not actually failures, but rather students who could’ve passed but weren’t allowed to.

Why weren’t they allowed to?

Because they’re a source of cheap labor!!

Why would your supervisors want you to pass when you give them work in exchange for almost nothing?? There is no downside for them to keeping you working for them.

So, it’s obvious that to guarantee you’ll be given the opportunity to pass, you need to make your supervisors let you.

How do you do that?

That’s what this book does.

It covers exactly what you need to do in order to guarantee that you’ll finish your PhD.

The methods and tactics given in this book have been refined over the last 20 years. They have been tested “in the field” with students who had the exact same thing on the line that you do now.

Guess what? They passed. All of them. So, the method works.

There’s also a real-life case study to show you exactly how to implement the method and tactics to guarantee successful completion.

In addition, the book outlines everything you need to know about the PhD process, and how to overcome the obstacles in your way.

Anyone who’s starting out with their PhD needs to read this.

Anyone who has problems with their PhD supervisors needs to read this.

Anyone who’s wondering how to get a PhD needs to read this.

If you want to learn how to guarantee that you’ll pass, then get the book here.


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I was being taken advantage of in my phd, but this book took care of that! It was what got me my phd. Seriously! It’s the best book on phds and Dr. Hockey knows his stuff. He’s the best in the business and if I were to start my phd all over again, I would read his book straight away. A second without knowing the stuff in his book is a second wasted in my phd. – Dr. Jayesh K.

Fabulous book! It helped me sooo much in getting my PhD. I was having a lot of trouble with my supervisors, but this book fixed it! I am so grateful to the author. Idk why they teach anything else in those introductory PhD classes. WHAT WE NEED IS WHAT’S IN THIS BOOK!!! Now I have my PhD and I’m on to bigger and brighter things! Thank you! – Dr. Jessica S.

His knowledge of the system and process, his advice, and his tips are fantastic. I read his book to get a leg up on the “situation” and it was amazingly helpful. My PhD was going no where beforehand, but this book changed all that, and now I’ve got my PhD, which is the thing I wanted most. It cut years off my PhD time and made sure that I got it. I highly recommend him and his PhD book! Thanks! It feels so good to write Dr. in front of my name! – Dr. Matthew B.

Dr. John Hockey has 19 years of experience with PhDs. He designs PhD programs around the world.

After finishing his PhD, he worked at internationally acclaimed Universities in 11 Countries (Several in the U.S.).

He successfully supervises:

tick-305245_1280.pngStudents from all different countries

tick-305245_1280.pngStudents from all different backgrounds

tick-305245_1280.pngTo fast completion!

tick-305245_1280.pngHis knowledge of the academic system is world renowned.

tick-305245_1280.pngHe can Help You Deal With Your Supervisors and Get You Your PhD!

John’s The Man!