PhD Cheats and Walkthroughs EBook Edition


Cheats and Walkthroughs to Your PhD!

Imagine how many “cheats and walkthroughs” you’d know about the PhD process by the end of your PhD?

How great would it be if you knew those cheats and walkthroughs from the start of your PhD?!

That’s what this book covers!

Use these tips and tricks to:

  • Maximize your chances of passing

  • Boost your mental health

  • Ensure that your supervisor doesn’t try to hold you back

  • Build a source of motivation and crush procrastination

  • Enjoy your PhD

PhDs don’t have to be taxing or grueling. Use what others have learnt to make your PhD easy. Don’t reinvent the wheel!

Note: These cheats and walkthroughs are not about how to reduce the quality of your PhD – quite the opposite actually; by knowing these cheats and walkthroughs your PhD becomes better quality as you know where to focus your energy.

About the Authors:

John Hockey, Ph.D. – Helping PhD students get their PhDs. 20 years of experience with the PhD process, including designing it. Dedicated to Empowering ALL PhD Students. And yes, you heard right, “John’s The Man!

Emily Murphy, Ph.D. – 10 years of experience helping PhD students power through their PhDs, happily. Advocate of “Open Science” (open and honest sharing of data and methodologies). Advocate of positive mental health and gender equality.


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Dr. John Hockey has 20 years of experience with PhDs. He designs PhD programs around the world.

After finishing his PhD, he worked at internationally acclaimed Universities in 11 Countries (Several in the U.S.).​

He successfully supervises:


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Students from all different backgrounds

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To fast completion!


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His knowledge of the academic system is world renowned.


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He can Help You Deal With Your Supervisors and Get You Your PhD!​

John’s The Man!