PhD 101: The Manual To Academia – Ebook Edition


Academia is a whole new world – literature reviews, journal papers, conference presentations, coming up with a question for your PhD research, interacting with your supervisors.

Learning how to navigate all of these aspects of your PhD will ensure your successful completion, and the better the life you’re working towards.

This manual teaches you how to write great literature reviews and journal papers, how to give confident and memorable conference presentations, how to come up with an exciting and worthwhile question for your PhD, and how best to interact with your supervisors.

As a result, you’ll become a leader in your field, get higher citations and become well known in your field, you’ll get your papers accepted in journals much easier (which takes away the headaches you might otherwise get), you’ll get nicer comments on your work, your PhD will get completed quicker, you’ll get more papers published, and your chances of successfully completing your PhD will dramatically increase.

All of this plus, you’ll be happier because your work is going well. You’ll be less stressed because you’ll be on top of things. You’ll also get more free time to rest and keep up a healthy lifestyle away from the office, including being able to socialize with your friends on the weekends, and continuing to play your favorite sport.

Dr John Hockey and Dr Sandeep Gupta put their 29 years of experience into this one manual to give you all of those benefits. The instructions are distilled to give the most effective tips and how-to guides.

Get your copy and Enjoy Your PhD

Together, Dr Hockey and Dr Gupta have 29 years of experience with PhDs.

They distll their knowledge about the fundamental academic matter every PhD student faces.

This knowledge is the difference between completing a PhD and not completing it.

Between having a much better career and not having a good career.

Between Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars

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Kate's rating

Fantastic!!! I’m no longer lost about how to write a literature review, like before I was completely at a loss. There’s no clear reasoning out there for a literature review, but this book pinpointed the exact makeup of a literature review and why it’s important. Dr. Hockey also does a fantastic job in explaining how it benefits your PhD in many different ways and how it helps with journal paper writing. It’s so well structured and it has made my work much more efficient because of it. I love it. Thank you Dr. Hockey. – Kate S.

Andre's rating

This is my go-to book about the Academic side of my PhD. It covers everything I need to know about Academic writing. From all the different metrics you use to measure how good a journal is (and my paper), to which journals to avoid, to how to respond to peer reviewers. The peer review response part is probably my favorite part of the whole book. Dr. Hockey goes through different approaches and explains how effective each approach is. He then left me with the most effective approach and I gotta say that it works really well! I’m  definitely going to continue using it after I’ve completed my PhD. – Andre G.

Tim's rating

This is my secret weapon. I haven’t told anyone about it and everyone has been really impressed with my papers and conference presenting since I’ve read it. It’s nice to be the standout and have my work as the level for other PhD students to aim for! The other great thing is that it’s made my writing and presenting so much easier so I’ve got more free time now. It’s made my PhD-life balance much better. Win win. I also use Dr. Hockey’s templates for writing a journal paper and literature review. – Tim L.


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Dr. John Hockey has 19 years of experience with PhDs. He designs PhD programs around the world.

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