The “John Hockey” Method: Successfully Coach Your PhD Students


The “John Hockey” Method for Coaching PhD Students

Guaranteed Success From The Best In The Business

PhD students are the lifeblood of academia – without them, the amount of research conducted drops like a stone.

Being able to effectively supervise them is key in generating high-quality research.

What to get promoted? Do you want the academic down the hall to get it instead?


The John Hockey Method for Coaching PhD Students will guarantee that you get that promotion ahead of everyone else.

No one likes having the academic down the hall taking your promotion and lauding it over you.

Being able to effectively and efficiently supervise your PhD students results in your promotion, and continued funding.

These abilities elude many supervisors, and as a result, they’re left endlessly fighting their students.

The John Hockey Method, first and foremost, guarantees your climb up the academic ladder.



Dr. John Hockey has been involved with the PhD process for almost 20 years, including having his own PhD students, designing PhD programs.

He has worked around the world at internationally acclaimed Universities. He has had PhD students from all different countries, and backgrounds, and successfully advised them to completion.

His method is guaranteed success and furthers careers out of sight.

His knowledge of the academic system is world renowned.