How To Get A PhD: How To Set Your PhD Up For Success In The First 12 Months Ebook Edition


So, you’re thinking about doing a PhD.

Or, you’ve been accepted into your PhD program. Congrats! It’s a big accomplishment.

I guess, you would’ve done your homework beforehand and realized that 85% of PhD students don’t get their PhDs, right?

It’s a harsh stat, but a reality nonetheless. 5 in 6 students who walk in, don’t walk out with the title “Dr.”

Do you want to make sure that you get your PhD? You can.

You can set yourself up for success within the first 12 months, if you know how.

John discloses the biggest problem of the PhD process and how it reduces PhD students to work-horses, and how all of the subsequent problems that they face can be drawn back to it.

He explains how your PhD success hinges on your advisors (and University), how problems arise with them and why, and how to overcome them. Not all advisors (and Universities) were created equal, with many using politics to wield power over you, and many of you aren’t even aware of it.

Understanding how their political tactics work is the first step to overcoming them.

John goes further and explains how to turn it back on them and gain control of your PhD, and life.

John got his PhD despite his advisors not wanting him to.

The PhD process isn’t anything special, it isn’t anything magical, it is a fairly simple process.

The problem with the PhD process mainly arises from the politics involved, which unfortunately, you’re part of whether you know it or not, whether you realize it or not, and most of all, whether you like it or not. The only way around that is to understand the game and understand how to play it. That is what he’s detailed in this book. It’s all there for you to use and implement into you PhDs to get them.

This book instructs you how to set yourself up for success within the first 12 months of your PhD.

This is what they don’t teach you in Grad School.

Get the PhD you signed up for.

Dr. John Hockey has been involved with the PhD process for 20 years now, from hopeful applicant, to PhD student, to recent graduate, to having his own PhD students, to designing PhD programs.

He got his PhD in 3.5 years instead of the national average of 8.2 years.

He was able to do so by understanding the PhD system and academia.

Since finishing his PhD, he has worked around the world at internationally acclaimed Universities. He has had PhD students from all different countries, and backgrounds, and successfully advised them to completion.

His knowledge of the academic system is world renowned.

He’s the best in the business.


This is the book that PhD Supervisors hate! But PhD students love!




I’m ecstatic I read Dr. Hockey’s book on how to set yourself up in your PhD. I read it when just starting out in my PhD. It was a real eye opener and I learnt so many invaluable things from it! I was a little shocked at first, but now I understand what a PhD is, and what kind of situation I’m it. I feel much more solid about the whole thing and I picked up really useful tools to really help me! I don’t want to fail and after reading his book I feel that I can definitely make it!– Rhonda D., Fayetteville, North Carolina.

First up, I want to thank Dr. Hockey for writing his book. I read his book at the end of my first year and it was amazing! It describes a lot of what I’ve experience so far pretty damn well! I can relate to a lot of what he’s writing about. I’m really appreciative for how he outlines the different interactions between the different people in a Phd and for the tools and methods he gives. There’s no way I’m failing now! They work insanely well! He explains and clarifies things superbly. I feel great about my Phd now! Every Phd student needs to read this!! – Aaron G., Pasadena, California.

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Dr. John Hockey has 20 years of experience with PhDs. He designs PhD programs around the world.

After finishing his PhD, he worked at internationally acclaimed Universities in 11 Countries (Several in the U.S.).

He successfully supervises:


Students from all different countries

Students from all different backgrounds

To fast completion!His knowledge of the academic system is world renowned.