Being An Academic 101




COVID-19 is causing havoc in academia.

Academics being laid off left, right, and center.

Those who are left are forced to work longer hours for less pay.

Funding is drying up and with that even more cuts will be made. If you don’t toe the University’s line, they let you go and get someone else in who will. There are thousands of hopeful academics who would be happy to take your job. Within the first 4 months of COVID-19, it became 600% harder to get a job in academia! And that number is increasing.

In other words, unemployment rates for academics are skyrocketing, job opportunities are plummeting, leaving many without jobs.

How do you survive in these times?

How do you make sure that your University won’t fire you?

That’s what this book is about.

It covers how academia has changed since COVID-19 emerged. What pressures it faces, and most importantly, how these pressures have been passed down onto you.

It also covers additional problems your University has created for you.

The book goes further though.

It tells you how to overcome these pressures and problems, how to weather the storm, and if you follow its instructions, how to thrive in this COVID-19 storm.

It covers problems such as funding drying up and how to overcome this, a greater push for publishing, and how Open Access is starting to sweep academia and why it’s a death-sentence for you – yes, that’s right, Open Access is actually terrible for your career, despite what you’ve been led to believe. Each of these problems, and more, are explored, and fool-proof solutions are given.